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Live RAdio Coming Soon...
Invite your friends & get chance 2 hear live radio online from our site...

I will explain you how you can hear live radio, but for that i need your help...

Currently this site is on free host server, 2 get live radio, i need paid host server & domain, for that i need more than lakhs members in this site & if you invite your friends & expand this site then we will be able 2 expand our free host server into paid host server + new domain...

For hearing live radio, you dont need 2 pay, it will be free for you because once we get sponsor for our site then they will be our premium mirchi fan, it means our sponsors will pay us & we will be able 2 expand our site into paid host server & will also get new domain for us...

So what are you waiting for?

Go get all your friends now, bring maximum members in this site so that soon we can move 2 paid host & you can hear live radio as soon as possible for free...

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